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Our Weddings

Rev. Ray Moore has been officiating weddings since 1991. Allow From This Day Forward Wedding Services to custom-tailor your ceremony expressing the love and joy that you have as a couple as you transition into marriage as husband and wife.


We work closely with our couples to ensure all their expectations are met and their wedding ceremony is everything they had dreamed.  From This Day Forward welcomes readings, music, particular prayer as well as other elements that a couple may want to incorporate into the ceremony.  It is about YOU and your vision of your dream wedding!.  Inter-faith, same-sex and all traditions welcomed and validated. 


From This Day Forward is happy to assist our couples in writing their own vows or give us the theme of the type of vows you prefer and we are happy to accommodate.

He is a sample of the Introductory Statement from one of our popular ceremonies:

  "By performing this marriage, (this couple) make a public statement about their private thoughts and commitments to each other. Marriage means sharing your most intimate self with one other person, being united with someone you can trust, you can turn to in time of need, you can give love to and receive love from. Marriage means living in love with your best friend. Love is reality, affinity and communication. We have one very important ability- communication. Communication IS love. Marriage is a symbol of creating a new life together in which the base is Love..." 

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK  all of the couples whom we have married!  It has been an incredible journey for us thus far and we look forward to continuing our services for years to come in the Charleston, SC area!  

It is always such a validation to receive reviews from our couples and we thank them for their time and very kind words!!!  Sometimes, our couples review our services in private!  One of those times came from a bride that we had just married on the beach at Edisto Island.  It was one of the nicest compliments that we have ever received!  She told us that she felt like she had known us all her life and we had be come an extension of her family!  Wow!   



                      Our Celebrations


From This Day Forward has had the distinct honor and pleasure to have officiated a number of weddings, vow renewels, elopements, etc. in the Charleston, South Carolina Lowcountry.  Each one of the ceremonies has been unique in location and the theme of the type of ceremony desired by our couples.  It is always a joy in pronouncing them Husband and Wife!  We so enjoy hearing about the journey they both have taken to arrive at the alter and express their love and comitment to one another from this day forward... 


Our story and celebration of our true love for one another.

 Ray and Karen met some 30+ years ago in Jamaica.  Karen was a travel agent and Ray was on vacation.  They met one evening sitting by the pool at the Holiday Inn Montego Bay Jamaica.  After both had returned to the states, they maintained a long distance relationship, Karen in Atlanta and Ray in SanFrancisco.  But the distance grew too great and both went their separate ways.  To make a long, but beautiful love story short, Ray and Karen reconected some 30+ years later at a Holiday Inn in Athens. Georgia.  They reunited and shared a long awaited kiss.  The 30+ years melted away in that moment.  Love knows NO boundries!   Love IS patient!  Ray and Karen were married this year and are now husband and wife at long last!

Our basic wedding ceremony includes a wine ceremony, blessing of the rings, vow exchange, pronouncement as husband and wife, and signing of the marriage license.   But we are happy to honor requests by our couples specific to their vision and expression.   There are many other elements that can be incorporated into the ceremony.  Some of these are, but not limited to, the sand ceremony,  lighting of a unity candle, jumping the broom and tying the knot.  We welcome other expressions of our couple's love and unity. 

From This Day Forward strives on satisfaction of our couples and that their day is indeed a dream come true.  We have received a number of reviews regarding our services from our couples.  We are pleased to say that we have received excellent feedback.  

Do you need Day-of-wedding coordination? Light planning?  Photography? We can help you out with those tasks, as well.

Brides and Grooms!  We highly recommend hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator whether is be through our services or somewhere else.  By doing so, it takes so much stress off of the bride and groom so that they can relax an enjoy their day!  Trust us when we say this!  It is money VERY well spent!!!  We just got married and did everything ourselves and it was so stressful and challenging!  Get a support team in place!

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